CPP Plans: Member Agreement

CPP Member Agreement

For the CPP and its members I agree to the following:

1. I will pay for CPP services either monetarily or I will provide an equal or greater value of services that directly benefits the CPP group and /or its members. ______ Initial

2. I will strive to continuously help others improve their lives while improving my own and maintaining a positive attitude. _______Initial

3. I will always consider the best interests of the CPP group and its members first before my own personal needs or interests. ______Initial

4. I will continuously educate myself and others while promoting and advocating healthier lifestyles for all CPP members. _____Initial

5. I will try to prepare, organize and improve all aspects of my life while helping others and the CPP group do the same.______Initial

6. I understand that this agreement is non binding is 100% voluntary and can be terminated without cause or notice by either the CPP or its members. _____Initial

CPP Member__________________