Why does Kashi “Go Lean Crunch” Cereal show blueberries on the box when there is none?

Isn’t that kind of misleading?  Did you notice that the cereal was not organic as well?  I thought Kashi was a big organic advocate?  I have surprisingly found many other products Kashi sells are not organic as well.  The great disappearing act.  Now you see it now you don’t.

Most chlorine toxic, energy wasting, time consuming, unsafe for children, rarely used pool owners say they have no time to grow a healthy garden

And the point is?  Why do people have pools?  Is it a sheep mentality thing?

A garden pays for itself over and over.  A pool does not.  Isn’t your health worth having healthy food to eat?

Convenience is the key to sustainability it can either be an asset or a liability

I don’t care how appealing a task is if it is not local and convenient then it will rarely be sustained for a long period of time.  This is true with all aspects of your life including health, financial, work, and social to name a few.

What is the number one excuse people use to rationalize why they are not doing something they should be doing.  “I don’t have the time”.  What they are really saying is “I have not figured out how to make it convenient”. Continue reading “Convenience is the key to sustainability it can either be an asset or a liability”

Why is it most Americans hate to think or plan ahead?

Is it because they fear the future?  Do they lack the mental capacity and logical reasoning skills to invision forthcoming sequential events?  Or are they just lazy in thought and prefer someone else to think and do for them?

Life is a series of voluntary and involuntary choices what decisions you make defines your purpose, well being, and legacy.

You should have a “visible flashlight” in every room in your house, garage and your vehicles.

If I have to give you reasons why you should have “visible” flashlights in all areas of your home then it probably wouldn’t do any good anyway.

They don’t have to be expensive flashlights.  I just picked up a 10 pack of LED flashlights (batteries included) for $12 at Walmart.

Also, there should be plenty of replacement batteries located in a common location which everyone knows about.  Keep them well stocked.  I keep those in one of my kitchen drawers along with flashlights and lighters.