Why is Citibank lowering my interest rate on purchases to 0% for the next 9 months? Is the economy slowing?

I have never seen this in 30 years as a holder of many credit cards.   I think this is a sign the economy is slowing and the banks need to generate sales out of desperation.   2008 all over again?  Time will tell.  I don’t think it will be that long.

The more business you do with a company the more likely they are to help you when you need it

Example:  I make the majority of credit card purchases with my American Express credit cards.  As a result whenever I have a problem with a retailer they are right there to make every reasonable effort to help me resolve the issue in a fair and prudent manner.

The same goes for Walmart or Amazon and other major retailers.  The more you spend the more they will usually go to bat for you when you need them.   Why?  When a company tells you are a valued customer they are saying you are a profitable customer in most situations.

So instead of just spreading your consumer dollars around to various companies think about giving the ones who have demonstrated the best customer service for you in the past and reward them with your loyalty.   It should pay dividends to you in the future.

Cardboard Boxes may be the best home organizational tool and they are free

What do you do with those cardboard boxes that contain your online orders?  Paint them with old paint, label them and use them throughout your home, garage and storage sheds as a simple, effective and free organizational tool.  003 001

Do this and you will see how enjoyable it is to look for something and actually be able to find it when you need it.

Don’t throw away those small pieces of bath soap: Make liquid bath soap

Just take an old ketchup bottle like the one in the picture and put the small pieces of soap into the container and add water.  Keep adding pieces until you have enough to fill the bottle.  It will turn to liquid soap on its own.001

Now you know what to do with those small pieces of unused soap.  No more trying to scrub up with those small soap pieces falling all over the place (which could cause you to slip) while clogging your drain.

Make life easier by giving everything in your home a permanent address using labels

Use labels throughout your home so everyone can find things and know where to put them back.  It will make looking for things an enjoyable experience.

Without labels items tend to float around from one location to another temporary housing location.   Using labels in drawers, files, cabinets, shelving, etc. really simplifies the process.

*Don’t label things you don’t want people to find.

In addition I believe all rooms including the garage should have their own directory and the main house should have a general directory.  That is another topic.

People are “Lazy Stupid’ when they refuse to learn how to scan a document or picture and email it to someone

I hear the same excuses over and over from people who are too lazy to learn how to scan and email a picture or document.   “I don’t have time or I hate computers.”

So you would rather waste 2 hours of other people’s time on the phone (who must compensate for your inadequacies) by trying to explain the details of an important document rather than take 2 minutes to scan and email a copy to them?